About Basic

The We Are BASIC Movement started with a small box of 25 White T-shirts with the phrase "We Are BASIC" across the front. After much prayer and guidance from the Lord, it was clear that there was a new movement that needed to be put into the world. Not sure how far God was going to take this movement, it was simply important that the message behind The We Are Basic Movement just be put out for the world to see.
The We Are BASIC Movement was not something that started with a plan past giving away free T-shirts with a message behind it that supported encouragement, love, and light. The We Are BASIC Movement began on Instagram as a message was posted that said, If you support the message behind The We Are BASIC Movement, you will receive a free T-shirt. Soon the demand for the shirts started to overflow. Not only were individuals wanting to support the message by sharing their shirt via their Instagram, but they wanted to assist in any way they could with further getting the message out to the world. Soon, hats, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other apparel items began to develop into a Christian based apparel line propelled by the message that Being BASIC is not a negative aspect in our society today, rather a badge of honor as we live by the standard the Lord has shown us through walking in love and being humble.
As we use the gifts God has given us to contribute to the Kingdom of God, The We Are BASIC Movement has reminded us, that money, fame, popularity, and material possession is not the focus, rather loving our neighbor, being encouragers, building communities, serving one another, and understanding that we were all made perfectly with divine gifts from God, for His significant purpose. The We Are BASIC Movement is establishing a new culture that's focus is building up the generations to come, as we bring the focus back to God, rather than self. This Movement has brought many inspiring individuals together as brothers and sister's in Christ to celebrate the way God has moved in their life, lifting Him up daily. The We Are BASIC Movement has been a blessing to be a part of as God has reminded us all that He is Sovereign and has always, and will always reign King. The We Are BASIC Movement is a team and we play by the Kingdom Rules. Sons and daughters of the Most High, its time to claim your Crown!
The We Are BASIC™ mission is to continually propel a movement that inspires us to find our significance and purpose through the gifts God has given us. It’s about encouraging one another daily as we are empowered to be a service to the Kingdom of God. It is being humble and being the “Salt of the earth and Light of the world.” (Matthew 5:13-16) Being Basic means doing our best in modeling ourselves as Christ did. The agenda of the Basic Movement is personal, a privilege and a responsibility as Believers. We are bold, proudly showing the world that we are worthy based on what our Father has made us to be and not what the world says we should be. He reigns sovereign. The time is now. Join the movement and take back your crown!
Inspiring the world to get back to the Basics through service, love, and light. (John 8:12) True success is not measured by what the world can give us, but what we can give to the world, believing through Christ we have the power to do so.